At the Annual Vestry Meeting the previous year’s audited accounts are presented for approval by the meeting. After this the ensuing year’s budget is then presented for approval.

The Treasurer is responsible for the day to day administration of the finances. Overall responsibility is taken by the Parish Council and executed by the Parish Wardens and Rector – the Parish Executive.

Towards the end of each year parishioners are asked to make a financial commitment for the following year enabling a budget to be followed. These commitments, known as “Planned Giving”, are administered by the Planned Giving Recorder, Mrs Sharon Willey, who sends out acknowledgements every 6 months.

The Parish is required to pay an Assessment on a monthly basis to the Diocese of Natal (KZN) out of which clergy salaries are paid and a contribution to the administration of the Diocese and the Bishops’ expenses is made. The Parish is responsible for the other expenses of the clergy in the Parish such as travelling, housing, utilities and specified allowances. The responsibility for the running of the Parish is entirely the Parish’s.

Enquiries may be directed to those who have specific responsibilities as mentioned above. Their names are on the pew leaflet which is to be found on the home page of this website.