Who are we?

All Saints Anglican Church, Lower Loteni Road, Nottingham Road.

We worship on Sunday mornings at 9am at our church opposite the Police Station.  This usually takes the form of a service of Holy Communion also known as the Eucharist meaning “thanksgiving”. (We take the appropriate precautions in our services while we are still in a Covid situation.)

We try to balance the good traditions of our church with contemporary ways of worship including new music.  We value our connection with the church of the past expressed for example in our regular saying of the Nicene Creed which is a historic statement of the Christian faith formulated by the Great Church of the 4th century.

On the second Sunday of the month we anticipate having a more informal service in which we encourage the participation of young people.

As Anglicans we base our faith on God as revealed in the Scriptures, the valuable traditions of the church and enlightened human reason, in that order of priority.  We believe in the importance of sound theology involving academic study which several of our members are involved in.

We value our links to the Anglican Church world-wide and we are accountable in all that we do to the Bishop of Natal.

We also believe in “emotionally healthy spirituality” which combines the best insights of psychology with faith.  We believe that a contemplative style of spirituality is an important way of fostering spiritual growth.

“Lay Ministers” assist in the leading of worship, emphasizing that the church is not a “one person band” and that all members have gifts and talents that need to be valued.  We believe in proportional giving to the church as a spiritual discipline, as a form of thanksgiving to God and as a necessary way to meet the running expenses of our church.

Our “Parish” (a geographical area) includes the congregations of St Mary’s, Bruntville and St Raphael’s, Zenzane Village and also includes Mooi River, Rosetta and Kamberg areas.  We value this cross cultural element of our church and we have a combined dual language service when there is a 5th Sunday in the month at alternating venues.

We have several small groups that meet on different days and times for Bible study, fellowship and prayer.

We are supportive of “Love Notties” in the community work they do.  We also value the work done by our members, especially in the formation of “Amati”, which assists emerging farmers, and those involved in “Partners for Possibility” in disadvantaged schools, and those assisting with other educational projects. We distribute food parcels on a monthly basis, mainly in Mooi River where there is a huge unemployment problem.

We care for our members pastorally when they are in any kind of need.  We provide baptism, acceptance to Communion, confirmation, funerals and marriage, all of which are supported by preparation for those who require these ministries.

We offer this information particularly for those looking for a spiritual home which has the values expressed here.