Home Groups

These groups fulfil various needs for those who are members. Friendship is built up as people meet week after week and they get to know and care for each other. There is some programme of study which feeds people spiritually in the form of Bible study or related topic. There is prayer in which everyone may participate with special emphasis on the members and their families, not forgetting the needs of the Parish and wider needs as well.

Care should be taken not to allow the group to lose its connection with the Parish. Regular communication with the Rector is important. With this in mind from time to time the group may lead or participate in a service.

It is important that groups do not become too inward looking. Once a year the group should aim to run a course/programme for people who are not members of the group or even the Church.

The group should recruit new members. This may require the group to split if it gets too big – beyond about 14 members.

In our Parish we have the following groups: Nottingham Road area. A group meets on a Wednesday evening at 7 pm. The contact people are Paul Hindle (0833760150) and Sue Moller (0820662274). On Monday at 2.15 pm a group meets at the home of David Lang (0829413655). On Thursday at 8 am a group meets at the home of Kari Greene. The contact person is Barbara Kerr (0828732288).

Anyone interested in joining a group should speak to the contact person.